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TN Requin (17.05.2014 13:11):
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2F5fEFyA1B (15.10.2015 16:02):
. I've been a Disney fan forever (right from stiitng in front of the TV on Sunday nights watching The Wonderful World of Disney!) and for the longest time, a Disney vacation was the only time I would take out my camera (thanks to Flickr for making me have my camera on my desk & using it almost daily!). Walt Disney World is truly my Happy Place' and I would go there first before any other vacation spot! I completely agree that the memories you can capture in a photo are priceless best souvenirs you can have! And the best part the more you take, the more you can extend your Disney vacation when you get home as you're going through them and reliving all the magic!Thanks for a great article! I need to forward this to all my friends who roll their eyes when I get onto a Disney tangent this may help them to understand what it's all about

i38hcUqc (16.10.2015 09:53):
, it makes me happy to do it. Disney is my happy place and since I live 8 hours away it's only 1-2 times a year that we can visit right now. So, processing <a href="http://yqccmhobjw.com">phoots</a> while I'm not there, or taking new ones for a screen saver, or for framing or sharing makes my life happier. Plenty of people I know don't get it but I don't care. The don't have to. As long as I can still take a camera in there and capture memories and images that are meaningful to ME, I'm going to keep doing it!

l54PHlY7I (16.10.2015 16:44):
, Cory. I had a similar exniceepre to what Alan just said- I always enjoyed photography and was starting to get a little more serious about it but it is really Disney photography and the Disney photography community that really sparked my interest and has made me so much more passionate about photography. Also, I agree that it is a very safe place- I would never travel to Europe alone and walk around at night alone with photography equipment but I feel very safe at Disney. And partly, I keep going back because of the Disney magic! http://brsxss.com [url=http://gtnplrd.com]gtnplrd[/url] [link=http://adgpgm.com]adgpgm[/link]

CQdeQjDr7k3J (18.10.2015 05:54):
Cory, this is a great post. I think once you get past the trip of a lifetime and <a href="http://kbavynarjdy.com">reutrn</a> to Disney a second or third time or 23 times, it becomes a place you want to <a href="http://kbavynarjdy.com">reutrn</a> to over and over. Because Walt Disney wanted things to change and be new all the time, there is always something new to photograph. With photography, we are constantly learning new techniques, new lenses or new post-processing skills, which begs a new trip.

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